Aart de Geus
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ArtEnergy is working on energy efficiency in the built environment


  • ArtEnergy moves at a rapid pace on innovative engineering projects. ArtEnergy initiates, inspires and provides guidance. ArtEnergy connects ideas to implementation. ArtEnergy ensures concrete and realistic results that contribute to sustainable development in our society.
  • ArtEnergy initiates and works with new firms in the field of lower energy consumption and sustainable energy.
  • ArtEnergy carries out project management and contributes scientific and engineering know-how as well. From energy systems to knowledge development. From solar energy to new business models. From patents to energy storage.
  • Where necessary, ArtEnergy will put together teams and offer guidance to professionals to develop their skills.
Aart de Geus

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You can reach him at +31 (0)6-22933237 or by e-mail at .
Detailed information on Aart de Geus is available from his LinkedIn-account.

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