Aart de Geus
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ArtEnergy is working on energy efficiency in the built environment

About ArtEnergy

Aart de Geus is an engineer who has been engaged in the design of innovative technology for the built environment for more than 30 years. He is convinced that sustainable energy and reduced energy consumption contribute in important ways to the sustainable development of our society. Sustainable energy is essential if we are to maintain an ecological footprint that does not exceed the capabilities of Plant Earth.

Aart de Geus has a breadth of experience in the field of energy in the built environment. He has broad knowledge of current technologies as well as developments and applications relating to sustainable energy in urban settings. Aart has an extensive managerial and international network. He is exceptionally well-qualified to develop, design and manage complex innovations in the field of energy in the built environment.

Aart de Geus

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You can reach him at +31 (0)6-22933237 or by e-mail at .
Detailed information on Aart de Geus is available from his LinkedIn-account.

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